Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From personal experience, dating websites are waste of time. Most of my responses (craigslist, facebook, myspace, plentyoffish, blackplanet,arabium,iranian personals, yahoo personals) have been automated; beautiful women who can't spell, that have other emails for me to reply to, as the one they used to email me belongs to their sister or friend, and the email they provide is a link to a porn site. I fell for that the first time. Now, when I get those responses I can tell right away, and I delete them. The responses that are actually human, the women have not been the least bit attractive. I was going to cancel my profiles altogether, but I found another site last night,; I'll try that. Wish me luck! I haven't tried the paid sites because it would anger me to spend money only to get automated messages or responses from women I'm not attracted to.

You might be wondering why I'm trying on-line dating; I know at least a dozen people who have met the loves of their life. It's gotta work for me, right? Stay tuned....

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