Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I was up late. I tend to procrastinate, and then I rush to get things done quickly. I had already been to the grocery store after work, having come home with the ingredients needed to make the baked macaroni & cheese , pumpkin pie and hazelnut cake that I was bringing to a friend’s house the next afternoon , but I was worried that I might not have gotten everything I needed, and the stores would be closed Thanksgiving morning. So, I went to the kitchen to prepare the baked macaroni & cheese, and I realized I had forgotten one of the two most important ingredients- the elbow macaroni. So I put on a pair of gym shorts, t shirt and flip flops and headed to the store. This was about 2 in the morning.

So, I get to the store, and I get my macaroni, and kind of regret making sure that I hadn’t forgot anything else, and I walk by the produce section, and I see this beautiful black woman. I’m staring at her, and insisting that I must say something. I decided that I was not going to talk myself out of it, but as I took a step towards her, I bump into a stack of avocados, set up in a pyramid formation about 4 feet high. Within seconds the aisle was sea of avocados, rolling in every direction, as I reach down the pick them up. I hear a woman’s voice behind me.

“I’ve knocked down a stack of oranges before, staring at someone,”

I look to my left to see an even more attractive black woman. I’m speechless. The type of women I’m attracted to mostly are as rare in Beaverton Oregon as a barbecue stand next to a Mosque, and I’m thanking God in my silence. So, I smile because she’s trying to make me feel better. And as I open my mouth to say whatever comes out of it, she says;

“She’s gorgeous.”

I respond by saying, “so are you.”

She smiles at me.

Her response?

“Thanks, that’s my girlfriend.I gotta go. ”

Then she scurries off, walking around the avocados, towards her.

I was so jealous. Two black women perhaps in their 30s. Two beautiful black women. In Beaverton. Together.

And me, and this box of elbow macaroni.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I was so happy for you that you may had found Mrs Right... It sounded perfect until the girlfriend thought she was hot too. Yikes.. Keep looking and watch out for them avocados.

Reggie said...

Life sucks don't it?!?