Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I know I said that I would never post on Craigslist again, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment; I keep getting responses from autobots. Here's a copy of the posting I made a few minutes ago;

I wonder if there is a black woman in the Portland/Beaverton area, in her mid to late 30s, who'd like to get to know a good, God-fearing black man who is 47, and single and educated and courteous and funny and respectful and all that...? Perhaps we could meet initially for a cup of coffee or breakfast somewhere on some weekend morning or maybe meet at the Farmer's market after conversing via email and/or phone, and if we're not impressed with each other,go our separate ways (or decide to just be friends, which is cool too)? Nothing heavy. I hate my weekends because all my friends have love lives, and it's no fun having no one to do things with. Don't you agree? I'm 5'9" with a thicker build, and I prefer women on the leaner side. Please see my pic below. My email is always bombarded with autobots, so if there's an interest, please comment in the subject line that you read my ad. I'd appreciate it!

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