Monday, May 24, 2010


Here are your newest matches.

Your New Mutual Matches. We were unable to deliver any Mutual Matches to you today. To ensure you receive the best possible matches, please create your free profile or update the one you already have, and double-check that you haven’t been too restrictive with your matching criteria."

This is the email I've been getting in my in-box every day, for a week now after signing up with

As a result, every day I make it even less restrictive, but there are some things I'm looking for that I refuse to change; she needs to believe in God, and she has to want kids. I would prefer that she be a black woman, but I can be flexible in that regard.

Soon, will force me to at least have her to be alive and breathing before they match me up with someone.

The first week of my membership with, I was getting what they call my Daily 5, and Mutual Matches daily, but not one of them was whom I was looking for. I had to call them to ask why they were sending me profiles of women that were Mormons or Atheists, or those who smoke, or didn't want kids, or who stated in their profile that they were looking for men 6' or taller, or lean, or up to age 35 or 40, or women who haven't accessed their profile in a year. It is so frustrating. Now that they've 'fixed' it, I'm not getting any leads at all. And this is the first month of the 6 month plan that I had to pay in advance. :(

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