Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'll make this blog entry short.
i met a woman this morning on the train to work. she sniffed my neck. she liked my cologne. she remembered smelling it when she sat next to me on the train last week when I was asleep. this morning i was awake. she was attractive. we talked the entire train ride. i asked for her number. we exchanged numbers. i asked her out to dinner friday. she suggested tonight. i said cool. said i'd call during lunch time to confirm.
I called her during lunch and left a voicemail.
it's 9:41 pm now.
I gave up on her returning my call by 6.
I went to the gym. and just got home.

no voicemails from her, and no missed calls from her.

hopefully she'll know to avoid me if she sees me on the train, because i will confront her.


25champ said...

It's just a reminder that men aren't the only ones who play games, but don't be to ruff on her cause it could be a legit reason. Thanks 4 sharing!

Daij said...

Thanks. I can't even imagine what a legit reason could be for not even calling to say she couldn't make it. After all, she's the one who wanted to meet last night, when I suggested friday. But i'll be good and dignified, and will listen to her, should she offer an excuse.

I think.

walter said...

Alieux, at least you're meeting girls. Maybe I should ride the train to work?