Monday, November 8, 2010

I had dinner with my friend Bin, last wednesday. I hadn't seen him in a while so I asked him what he had been up to, and he said: "I've been really busy."
I just assumed he's been busy with work, but he's actually been busy with dating. "As a matter of fact," he said, " After dinner, I'm meeting a woman tonight for tea, and I have 5 dates between tonight and Sunday."
I know you're thinking he's being a player, but it's the opposite. These are all first dates. The first dates are always short dates, like meeting for coffee for tea. If there's a connection it may lead to a dinner date or more. If not, that's alright because it was just meeting for coffee or tea. He's trying to find that connection. I felt inspired the more he talked about it. I asked him how he's getting all these dates, considering that I haven't had 5 dates in the 3 years I have lived in Oregon. I had to know his secret, but what he said was common sense. "I didn't just message 5 women. Throughout the week I message about 5 women a day, through,, yahoo personals, etc., which is about 35 or more women a week. I don't expect all of them to respond, but the odds are good that a few will respond." I felt as if a light bulb had lit above my head. I had a membership with that I had cancelled a while ago. I would message maybe 2 women a week or more, and then get upset because they were not responding. What he said made sense, so guess what I did? That's right. I reactivated my membership, i joined,,, yahoopersonals, and even reactivated my membership with arabium and iranian personals ( I LOVE persian women). I've so far messages about 25 women since last thursday. I haven't received any emailed responses yet, but I'm feeling hopeful! Wish me luck!

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