Sunday, December 5, 2010

"We're very sorry, but our matching system cannot predict good matches for you.

eHarmony's patented matching system was developed after extensive research into marital satisfaction. We use each person's responses to our Relationship Questionnaire to predict the pairings of individuals that are highly likely to result in satisfying long-term relationships, based on what we learned through our research.

Unfortunately, based on responses to our questionnaire, we occasionally find situations where our matching system cannot identify high quality compatible matches, and this has happened in your case. Please understand that it is a result of our matching process and in no way reflects on you as a person or your ability to be in a happy relationship.

We apologize and regret our inability to find good matches for you. The time you spent completing our questionnaire, however, has enabled us to provide you with a free Personality Profile.. This Personality Profile lets you learn more about yourself and should provide you with valuable insights.

We wish you all the best in your search for that special someone."

This was the message I received after completing the exhaustive questionnaire on eHarmony, tonight. Suffice it to say, apparently I am so picky that eHarmony doesn't even have a match for me within 300 miles of where I live. That's right. One of the many many questions asked was what distance I was willing to travel to find a match. I wanted to chose the closest one-30 miles, but I decided to increase the odds of my finding a match by choosing the 300-mile option.

Apparently I should have chosen the 'worldwide option'.

Very disappointing.

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Rhapsody B. said...

what does one say to that?
what i wouldn't give to see those questions and your responses for which there is no match.