Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lucy, looking for Ricky

My younger sister is going thru the winter doldrums and needs a Spring "perk me up." She is an independent woman who prefers part time companionship vs fulltime dating. She owns her own, brand new home . She has lived in Salem in the past and loves to travel. She enjoys movies, concerts, plays, and just hanging out with good friends. She is not a smoker and only occasional social drinker. She has an artistic bend and her home reflects her talents in that area. Like Lucy, she hopes to find her Ricky and enjoy a relationship with fiesty spirit in it! What she does not want/need: Men with small peters or small minds , liars/con men/married men,or men seeking a "green card" wife!
She is interested in meeting men of any race as she is interested in other cultures. She is quirky and any man responding to this ad should not be overly conservative, religious, or machismo. She's kind of on the hefty side (between me and you, she should be glad anything with a third leg is even looking in her direction). She's a renewed virgin. Kind of like, when you pierce your ears but don't wear earrings for years, the hole closes up. That's how her pussy is, I bet. I'm sure it's dried up closed up and all dusty. You might be the one to open it. You know, re-bust her cherry. She hasn't dick since we were both in high school, or none that she's told me about, and she tells me everythign. It might put her in a better mood. besides, she's cramping my style. i've had to cancel quiote a few booty calls because she was sad and wanted me to go with her to see some dam chick flick that ends up puttng her in an even sadder mood, and i end up feeling burdened and more horny than I was when she called me. help a girl out, will ya?

P.S. Don't ask her about her not having much for eyebrows. long story.

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