Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ralette Doumbay via to pers-xzg6c-265.
Nov 24

Hello im a pretty female looking for a serious longterm boyfriend is that really hard to find? Based on your craigslist posting and your sexy pic, you might be cool to kick it with. I know maybe this may not be the right place to meet people buti dont really go out much and people are not that friendly compared to the south. what I look for in a guy is someone who is really sexy nice smile someone who is funny, loves to hang out, educated, nice career,own place,and must be sexxy to like me lol because I am really really picky. I do love men from all over the world can speak different languges and who are mixed thats is so sexy to me. please get to know me and if you feel like you are a nice genuwine person please get back to me and we talk and take it from there. I'm a rebellius gal, and i dont go out of my way to piss my dad off but when i was in high school i went to senor prom with my best friend Demarius and my dad was pissed 'cause Demarius is half black half mexican (but acts 100% black) and so i've been dating black men ever since. not to spite my dad. well, just a little. but i do love the bruthas! any way i'm talking to much. Hope to here from you soon!
Ps do you have good credit? Mine sucks.


my name is Iren ; 708593244904ZDC


I liked what you said on craigslist and find you interesting. I'm new to Beaverton and interested in meeting decent, educated and respectful people for engaging conversation and perhaps friendship. I'm a very slow mover with men now so coffee or breakfast initially would be nice. I used to be fast but I find that guys don't want a second date if I give up the poonanny on the first date. so, like Janet jackson says ( i hope you like janet jackson. i broke up with my last boyf riend because he didn't want to bone me with her music playing, despite my telling him how her music makes me wet), 'lets wait while. They also don't want a woman with 4 kids by maybe 4 of 7 different men who aren't in their lives, but thats another story I won't make you wait longer than a month. I know you got needs. I'm not really trying to advertise myself too much over the internet LOL! My name isn't really Iren. when i feel i can trust you, i'll tell you my birth name. Right now I'm interested in enjoying the company of a man who carries himself like a gentleman and who is respectful of women and not carrying too much baggage from previous relationships. I like being treated like an individual and in turn will do the same for you. I'm a woman who loves to laugh and act silly but will be a little shy and quite 'til I warm up to you. By the way, don't have me in the same room as a bottle of hennessey. That shit fucks me up every time and thats when i get outta my shell. Anyway, hope to hear from you. Take care.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Alice Karekezi via to pers-xzg6c-265. Nov 17

i like your posting!
As you can see, i'm a beautiful, curvy white female, seeking a sweet guy with long term potential. Short term is friends with benefits. that'll work as well. I've always had a thing for heroes because as most know, they all have that one fatal flaw. Perfect in every way except that one and that's the best way thing in the world to me. No one is perfect. I'm not, and I certainly don't expect you to be. All I can hope for is that you'll overlook my flaws just like I will yours. I hope to hear from you soon. <3
I hope you like them thick. You're black so, I know you do! I don't fuck on the first date. Maybe oral by the 3rd date! Negative points if you're an asshole, a gangmember, a mute, full of himself, a user, an abuser, liar, thief, womanizer, or crazy. Or a sanctimonious bible thumper.

Here's the rundown:
3 kids
3 fathers
3 marriages
3 divorces
0 man
0 kid
0 job
0 relationships
unemployment soon to run out
1 man + his attachments
1 relationship
Many good days, nice times & family vibes.

I haven't told you my age. That's not important. You can guess, but be realistic. if you guess me too old, then know that you'll be gettiong this relationship on the wrong foot.
P.S. My headgame is on point. That's what my last ex husband used to tell me.

Shelly via to pers-xzg6c-265. Nov 18

Thank God I saw your posting on craigslist! I'm totally siked about the possiblity of you getting to know me, that is' assuming that you will respond! Ok, here I go...Very young 40+, spiritually-mature Christian (have followed the Lord Jesus Christ since my salvation at age 9) desiring to meat a TRUE Christian man who also walks with the Lord; non-smoker and drinker, showing forth fruits that are kind, generous, thoughtful,well mannered, clean and neat in personal appearance, and who also enjoys hiking, beaches, swimming, bicycling, tennis, dinner theaters, positive movies,walking and traveling. And reading the Bible in the morning and at night. I am fun to be with, blonde hair, hazel eyes, healthy. Can't have kids though, sowwy! My mother died of uterine cancer, and my older sister had uterine cancer so I had my insides carved out. I attend church regularly and nothing or no one is as important to me than Jesus, his Father and the precious Holy Ghost, Hallelujah, so if I haven't scared you off, message me back.


Helen Cosmides to me Nov 18

Nice Craigslist posting!
I'm a Southern Belle from Arkansas that has a heart for God and wants the same in a man. I am new to the NW and feel a little lost at times in this sea of artsy, skinny jeans wearing men. :) I can tell from your pic that you don't wear skinny jeans! I can't either.
And speaking of skinny, I come from a family of skinny Southern Baptists. I'm fat and I'm a Mormon. I have 2 black babies that I adopted. I love love love black children! I did have a husband at the time but he didnt't feel the same. I now love Black men as well! If you are interested in knowing more about me reply and let's talk!