Saturday, November 19, 2011


Alice Karekezi via to pers-xzg6c-265. Nov 17

i like your posting!
As you can see, i'm a beautiful, curvy white female, seeking a sweet guy with long term potential. Short term is friends with benefits. that'll work as well. I've always had a thing for heroes because as most know, they all have that one fatal flaw. Perfect in every way except that one and that's the best way thing in the world to me. No one is perfect. I'm not, and I certainly don't expect you to be. All I can hope for is that you'll overlook my flaws just like I will yours. I hope to hear from you soon. <3
I hope you like them thick. You're black so, I know you do! I don't fuck on the first date. Maybe oral by the 3rd date! Negative points if you're an asshole, a gangmember, a mute, full of himself, a user, an abuser, liar, thief, womanizer, or crazy. Or a sanctimonious bible thumper.

Here's the rundown:
3 kids
3 fathers
3 marriages
3 divorces
0 man
0 kid
0 job
0 relationships
unemployment soon to run out
1 man + his attachments
1 relationship
Many good days, nice times & family vibes.

I haven't told you my age. That's not important. You can guess, but be realistic. if you guess me too old, then know that you'll be gettiong this relationship on the wrong foot.
P.S. My headgame is on point. That's what my last ex husband used to tell me.

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Rhapsody B. said...

Oh heavenly Lord, really? Is this what men want and desire?

Reading these makes me seem old fashioned and from another time. Women sure are brazen, dammmmmm...