Saturday, November 19, 2011


Helen Cosmides to me Nov 18

Nice Craigslist posting!
I'm a Southern Belle from Arkansas that has a heart for God and wants the same in a man. I am new to the NW and feel a little lost at times in this sea of artsy, skinny jeans wearing men. :) I can tell from your pic that you don't wear skinny jeans! I can't either.
And speaking of skinny, I come from a family of skinny Southern Baptists. I'm fat and I'm a Mormon. I have 2 black babies that I adopted. I love love love black children! I did have a husband at the time but he didnt't feel the same. I now love Black men as well! If you are interested in knowing more about me reply and let's talk!

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Rhapsody B. said...

am, i want to say so much here but can i instead ask what are your thoughts on her emphasis on the love of "black babies" and "black men?"