Thursday, November 24, 2011


my name is Iren ; 708593244904ZDC


I liked what you said on craigslist and find you interesting. I'm new to Beaverton and interested in meeting decent, educated and respectful people for engaging conversation and perhaps friendship. I'm a very slow mover with men now so coffee or breakfast initially would be nice. I used to be fast but I find that guys don't want a second date if I give up the poonanny on the first date. so, like Janet jackson says ( i hope you like janet jackson. i broke up with my last boyf riend because he didn't want to bone me with her music playing, despite my telling him how her music makes me wet), 'lets wait while. They also don't want a woman with 4 kids by maybe 4 of 7 different men who aren't in their lives, but thats another story I won't make you wait longer than a month. I know you got needs. I'm not really trying to advertise myself too much over the internet LOL! My name isn't really Iren. when i feel i can trust you, i'll tell you my birth name. Right now I'm interested in enjoying the company of a man who carries himself like a gentleman and who is respectful of women and not carrying too much baggage from previous relationships. I like being treated like an individual and in turn will do the same for you. I'm a woman who loves to laugh and act silly but will be a little shy and quite 'til I warm up to you. By the way, don't have me in the same room as a bottle of hennessey. That shit fucks me up every time and thats when i get outta my shell. Anyway, hope to hear from you. Take care.


Rhapsody B. said...

lol, lol, lol, lol, lmao so loud in my bedroom here its not funny.
Lord have mercy....

I think i need to take a break from these because am sure to bust a gut. I'll be back though.

Take care and happy new year

daij said...

LOL @ don't have me in the same room as a bottle of hennessey! I died!

Have a happy and fun and safe New Years as well!