Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shelly via to pers-xzg6c-265. Nov 18

Thank God I saw your posting on craigslist! I'm totally siked about the possiblity of you getting to know me, that is' assuming that you will respond! Ok, here I go...Very young 40+, spiritually-mature Christian (have followed the Lord Jesus Christ since my salvation at age 9) desiring to meat a TRUE Christian man who also walks with the Lord; non-smoker and drinker, showing forth fruits that are kind, generous, thoughtful,well mannered, clean and neat in personal appearance, and who also enjoys hiking, beaches, swimming, bicycling, tennis, dinner theaters, positive movies,walking and traveling. And reading the Bible in the morning and at night. I am fun to be with, blonde hair, hazel eyes, healthy. Can't have kids though, sowwy! My mother died of uterine cancer, and my older sister had uterine cancer so I had my insides carved out. I attend church regularly and nothing or no one is as important to me than Jesus, his Father and the precious Holy Ghost, Hallelujah, so if I haven't scared you off, message me back.

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Rhapsody B. said...

Too much too fast?
what does your add look like to solicit such response?

Not judging just wondering.