Tuesday, January 10, 2012


myconavasmom@gmail.com via craigslist.org

to pers-qatnz-274.
First of all, forgive me for responding to your craigslist add so late. in answer to your question, yes, there is a woman who would like to meet you. here i am. :) i'm marlee, 37, lives in gresham with my kiddio's (two raccoons and a ferret). i'm currently going through a divorce and i agree that weekends are the worst for lonliness. i work, watch a lot of real housewives, dexter, /the lifetime movie channel, i'm involved in my church ( don't ask me about th elast time I went. i couldnt tell you), don't drink or do drugs. I do smoke weed though. I love to laugh (or giggle) and striving to be the woman that God created me to be. becoming friends first is a good place to start. :) i know i'm not that attractive, but I make up for it by having an awesome personality. My husband is black too. You know that saying about once you go black, you dont go back. ? it's true.
i've attached some pics taken of me last week
have a fabulous wednesday,

get back to me so we can get the ball rolling. I neeed a valentine before febuary 14,


Rhapsody B. said...

am curious, what was your reply? or did you?

daij said...

LOl I never answer them. I don't want to be mean, so I don't respond. I responded to only one though, and that was because she was insistent on my replying. I posted it on this site.

Poetic_Butterfly said...

Wow, she doesnt do drugs but she does weed. Lol, she really wanted a Valentine