Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mari N. Juana

The purpose of this blog, initially, was to write about my experiences trying to find my soulmate in Oregon. Most of my experiences in Portland have been hilarious to say the least, but they have also been sad and frustrating. I want that which seems to be illusive. I want to date someone who has the same ulterior motives that I do; a long term relationship leading to marriage and kids a dog and house with a white picket fence.
I recently met someone ( her name -Mari N. Juana) that for once, made me believe there is hope for me- at least for someone to date- but it ended suddenly with no explanation on her part.

I am changing the purpose of this blog. I mentioned my recent disappointment to a friend, and all she could focus on was that she needed to read something funny, so I should 'hurry up and write about the entire experience with Mari N. Juana on this blog.' She completely glossed over what I might have been feeling, just so that she could laugh.
That really pissed me off.
I can't blame her though. Alot of my postings on this blog have been for comic relief, but this isn't a joke anymore. I'm serious now. No more hilarity.

I need love. I need to be in love. I need to find that woman that God has designed just for me. I don't know how to find her. I don't know where to go. People keep telling me that I should stop looking for her and I'll find her, but my Mrs Casey-George is all I can think about.