Saturday, July 27, 2013

According to most dating sites

What I am looking for doesn't exist. So odds are she isn't on here either. I know exactly what it is that I am looking for, she isn't on drugs ,she isn't just looking for sex, she wants children, she has depth, is a Christian ( she doesn't have to attend church every week) is caring, she's more concerned with what she has to contribute to a relationship then what she will get from being with me, she doesn't want to be with me because of all the money I have...or don't fact she doesn't care about what I do or do not have materialistically at all, she's a lady, between the ages of 30 & 45, she's honest and why yes, she is attractive and for this, they say "no results found."
I guess then what I'm looking for is very special, very rare and she attaches her picture to her e-mail
It's nice to dream. 

(this is my current craigslist posting)

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Rhapsody said...

Blessings ....
Perhaps you need to change where you looking?

Another thing would be perhaps to say what you have to offer that is in alignment with what you are looking for?

It is said that one must ask oneself this key question:

If I were a woman would I marry me?

If the answer is no, then you got work to do because if you won't marry you, whom do you expect to?

Just saying.