Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Single Life

So an hour ago, my landlord and her husband stopped by the house that I'm renting with two other people.  Usually she calls before coming over since they live 2 hours away and they don't have keys to the house. I had taken off some latex gloves to answer the door. Anyway, they stopped by to clean or replace the air vents for the heater and dryer. While her husband  did what they came to do, my landlord was looking through the mail that always comes to the house for her. Then she asked me:

"So, Alieux, how's your love life? Are you dating anyone?"

I told her:

"I'm home on a Saturday night, cleaning the oven. That's how my love life is."

I know it sounds pathetic.  It is pathetic.

2 hours wasted

that awkward feeling u get when u realize the woman ure speaking w/ finds lighter skin more attractive. #internalizedracialoppression

I met her 2 hours earlier at this party, and we established eye contact. She was the only black woman there. A gorgeous real dark-skinned black woman  in her 40s with a beautiful smile and a good sense of humour, and the right sized-curves in all the right places . And we talked for an hour before talking to other people, but we found ourselves talking to each other again, 20 minutes later, for about 40 more minutes when I suggested we exchange contact information.

 And I thought we clicked when she said what she said that I'm too upset to repeat here.