Saturday, September 28, 2013

2 hours wasted

that awkward feeling u get when u realize the woman ure speaking w/ finds lighter skin more attractive. #internalizedracialoppression

I met her 2 hours earlier at this party, and we established eye contact. She was the only black woman there. A gorgeous real dark-skinned black woman  in her 40s with a beautiful smile and a good sense of humour, and the right sized-curves in all the right places . And we talked for an hour before talking to other people, but we found ourselves talking to each other again, 20 minutes later, for about 40 more minutes when I suggested we exchange contact information.

 And I thought we clicked when she said what she said that I'm too upset to repeat here.

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Rhapsody said...

That's on her, that's her lack showing up attempting to paint you inadequate.

Black men of all shades are beautiful, yes I said beautiful, that is how I see them all and I am not afraid to express it either. I remember seeing this brother-dark as dark can be, and smooth, hmmmm, have mercy, he had on a crisp white, white shirt; I just stopped where I was going and took him in. You thinking am crazy right? Man, his beauty stopped me in my tracks, I kid you not! I was across the street, I couldn't breathe. I crossed over, walked up to him, said hello to get his attention, I stood close, looked him in the eye and said, "I just want to tell you that you are beautiful, I love your look, I love your color, thank you for brightening and blessing my day.” His mouth dropped open, he looked at me, his eyes lighting up and said, "thank you," I replied no, thank you for being! And I crossed the street and headed back to work.

You are beautiful to me, your dark skin is an asset not a deficit, the only thing that would make me think otherwise or turn away from you would be your character or lack thereof.