Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Single Life

So an hour ago, my landlord and her husband stopped by the house that I'm renting with two other people.  Usually she calls before coming over since they live 2 hours away and they don't have keys to the house. I had taken off some latex gloves to answer the door. Anyway, they stopped by to clean or replace the air vents for the heater and dryer. While her husband  did what they came to do, my landlord was looking through the mail that always comes to the house for her. Then she asked me:

"So, Alieux, how's your love life? Are you dating anyone?"

I told her:

"I'm home on a Saturday night, cleaning the oven. That's how my love life is."

I know it sounds pathetic.  It is pathetic.


Rhapsody said...

Don't put so much value in being home on a Saturday night. It is not the sum total of your worth or lack there of. You are home because you chose to be, there is nothing that says you cannot go out, it shouldn't be conditioned upon having someone on your arm or at your side. Sure its not your ideal however ones got to live, love regardless!


Alieux said...

Thank you!

La Wade said...

Hmm do u want to meet others maybe go out more idk I'm the same way when I'm single I stay in but in realtity need to do the opposite

Alieux said...

I look for every opportunity to not be home on the weekends. I try to make plans for the weekends on Tuesdays- facebooking friends, texting them to see what's up for the weekend, letting them know I have no plans, etc,. and by friday I will get responses but my friends have girlfriends or boyfriends or kids they need to spend quality time with or weddings out of town, or were invited to parties, etc.
I spend alot of time out of my home because I keep thinking I won't find anyone at home. Sometimes, like that particular evening I try to be productive when I'm home by myself.