Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nothing to report.

You might notice there hasn't been any postings lately, for good reason. I haven't been on a date for quite a while. There's a certain type I'm looking for. I know I'm not being picky, or at least I don't think I am. I know I'm in the wrong state for the type of woman I desire, but I live here, and I am not ready to change my mind. What am I looking for? A woman of color. A Christian woman of color. A Christian woman of color who is single. A Christian woman of color who is single and who wants to have a child with me. Those are the bare essentials. I live in Oregon. I have nothing to report. I have a black male friend who only dates white women. He won't even look at a black woman. He was adopted by a white family as a child. and he had 8 siblings, all white. White skin is all he knows-and prefers. He swears by his woman he was dating for 2 years. I'm happy that he's happy. Today he told me that in a heated argument between the two, she shouted out the one word he swore was not in her vocabulary. The one word that was powerful to dissolve the relationship immediately. You know the word: begins with N and ends with R. It followed the words "You Goddamn Motherfucking--." That's always what I'm afraid of. I would kick any guy's ass who called me that. I have ended friendships with people who know I don't tolerate that word- and they uttered it while drunk. I would dissolve a relationship immediately. I don't care how long we were together. Period. End of sentence.


La Wade said...

Wow so what did he do in result

Alieux said...

He was speechless. He said that she seemed to regret it as soon as she said it, but he left the house. He thought it for a few days and decided he couldn't see her anymore. She'e been apologizing ever since. And he still has sex with white girls but he won't get feelings for them (his words)