Monday, February 16, 2015

I was wrong


I thought u was cool.

That’s the bottom line.

I thought u was cool.

The laughter,

The hellos in passing that turned into conversations

Days after weeks after months.

I thought u was cool.

You would see me from the other side of the cardio  station and get on the stationary bike next to me,

One of very people on this earth who actually pronounced my name correctly every time.


I thought u was cool.

I looked forward to seeing you

When I finally asked for your number

You didn’t hesitate.

You grabbed my phone and put your contact information in it,

And asked me to call the number

And your phone rang,

And you added my name to the number.


I thought u was cool.

And when I called the next day I had to leave a voicemail

And weeks later you still haven’t returned my call.

I thought u was cool.
but I was wrong.
I see you at the gym every day
& now you don’t see me from the other side of the cardio station anymore.
I thought u was cool.
I thought wrong.
I almost hate having asked for your number;
That was when the coolness ended.


Rhapsody said...

Rejection is a bitch and a blessings.

The bitching part is the hurt, the feeling of "not good enough" though false in those moments it feel like truth.

The blessings....
You don't want anyone who is not as interested in you as you are interested in them. a beautiful thing, you don't ever want it to be one sided.

You may feel like crap now, but like everything else, this too shall past.

Amrit Sinha said...

Time goes by, and experiences lead us through :-)

Jennifer Wagner said...

Aw, little bit heartbreaking when things like this happen. But, sometimes it is just as well--the other person may not deserve us. :-)